Hi - Ball Switch Heater by logomissco

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Burns 4 Days Without

Refueling or Maintenance

Made in the USA

Recommended Fuel: KEROSENE ONLY

Exclusive Hi-Ball Features

  • LARGE BURNER STACK welded to the body around wick and flame--prevents flame blow-out and also prevents the tie from burning.

  • Holes at base of the chimney supply air for efficient combustion and allow water drainage.

  • Snug-fitting cap cannot be removed accidentally. Dirt and water cannot enter from fuel compartment.

  • CAN BE RE-FILLED while burning.

  • Fill cap and stack cover are attached to burner to prevent loss.

  • Replacement parts available.

  • Wick tube prevents the wick from "hanging up" assuring maximum use of fuel and burning hours.

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After establishing number of heaters required (see chart below) set out at beginning of winter season. SET HEATERS from OUTSIDE of the TRACK SO THAT BURNER IS UNDER THE BASE OF RUNNING RAIL. TOP OF BURNER STACK SHOULD BE 1 1/2" BELOW BASE OF RAIL.


IGNITE and ADJUST WICKS WHEN INSTALLING SO HEATERS WILL BE READY FOR INSTANT SERVICE. Approximately 1/2" of wick should be exposed above wick tube.



SERVICE and re-fill DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS. Scrape carbon from wick, adjust height and re-fill. The HI-BALL will burn for 75 to 100 hours giving full WEEK-END PROTECTION.


Any torch similar to engineer's torch can be used for lighting the burner. When ground under the heaters has softened or water has accumulated around them, heaters should be removed until ground has frozen to prevent them from freezing in. TO EXTINGUISH, SIMPLY PLACE COVER ON BURNER STACK.

RUGGED, ALL-WELDED CONSTRUCTION of HEAVY GUAGE STEEL, the HI-BALL gives almost unlimited service with almost no maintenance.

The heater is 7 3/8" height and 23 3/4" link, 7 3/8" wide with a three gallon fuel capacity. This provides 75 to 100 hours of continuous burning permitting refill during daylight hours and full eek-end protection.

Number of HI-BALL Switch Heaters Recommended for Switch Points

Length of Switch Points Number of Heaters Heaters on Each Side
15ft 14 7
16ft, 6in. 16 8
19ft, 6in. 18 9
24ft 24 12
30ft 30 15

Spare Parts Available!


Fuel Cover


Wick Cover


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